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What if....

there were a crayon for the whole world's colors?

1/5/09 06:24 pm - Only TWO WEEKS now......

Until Bush is OUT OF OFFICE....

and I can't believe that  former President George H. W. Bush (the soon-to-be ex president's father) is already backing his other son, Jeb Bush, to be president someday.  Like we need yet another eight years of the same politics!  I think the American people know better as proven by the election of Obama.  We want CHANGE and we want it now, dernit!

So now it's just 14 days until the current George W. Bush is out of office!

7/26/08 10:28 pm - Coming back to LiveJournal

Okay, so I found my old Live Journal, which was sad and abandoned for a long time.

Updates - I'm living in a transitional housing situation where I ended up after a long and arduous mental health battle.  I have a different boyfriend now than when I wrote in here a year ago.  His name is Chris, and he's wonderful.  I'm trying to go back to school this fall on short notice so that I can get my Special Educator's Credential.  This week I will ask my conservator (for I'm under county conservatorship) whether I can get funds released to go to school in time to meet the deadline.  I'm excited and nervous at the same time, hence the trouble sleeping which lead me to seek out Live Journal past my usual bed time.

That is all. 

6/19/07 01:50 am - thru d blu

thru d blu
u see me
thru d gr33n
u see st4rz
thru d nite
u see rain
thru whIte
u see pale

pale reflection in the mirror
is the ghost of an illusion of a smithed
wrought iron
no knowing where the rowing
leads to showing
who u b

6/18/07 07:56 am - 582 days unTIL...

Bush is pushed out of office.

6/18/07 06:00 am - AH ah.

I woke up really hungry but I don't have much food.  I'm out of raisins.  I have cereal but no milk. Is it okay to eat rice krispies without milk?  They are the generic kind but still show a recipe for krispie marshmallow treats, so I figure they're the real deal.

I have a few sunflower seeds.  That's not so substantial, but it might tide me over. 

I'm trying desperately not to eat out too much.  I did yesterday at Panda Express, which I'm starting to think is a disgusting place. 

6/17/07 08:55 pm - I can't believe it...

I went the whole day without realizing it was Father's Day today.  Every other year, I've had a breakdown around this time and/or around April 5th, my father's birthday.  The reason is that there's a aniversery effect even years later after a loved one passes on, and especially in my dad's case, because he was such a pivotal figure in my life. 

I might regret slightly not going to church this week, but he didn't like my church anyway.  He thought it wasn't a real religion since we had no core beliefs.  That's just as well. 

I just started thinking about him randomly a few minutes ago, like I often do, even without remembering it was Father's Day.  One MySpace bulletin reminded me, and then I realized I thought of him right at the right time.  I do it anyway so it's not like it's fortuitous, but it's good to remember.

I want to be a better person so that just in case Heaven really is a place and not a state of mind, I can go there and see him again.  He's always there anyway because I dream of him often.  He always tells me he's still alive but I'm the only one who can see him.  He is still alive and helping me and leading me to do good things.  Even when I do bad things, he doesn't get as angry as he did in life.  He had a very harsh temper, and there was no crossing him when he had his mind set to something.  Most of my mother's family could not get along with him, and so we were alienated from them during his life.  I visited my cousins occasionally, and I saw my grandfather once in a blue moon, but not too often considering we only lived three hours away.  Life happens that way, and there's no stopping it, I suppose. 

Time does not heal all wounds, but all wounds don't need to be healed.

[edit] Here's a link to a website devoted to celebrating holidays one day at a time, today featuring Father's Day.

6/16/07 11:33 pm - I'm so boring.

So, marbled_clouds, your LiveJournal reveals...

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Your overall weirdness is: 14

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Find out what your weirdness level is!

6/16/07 11:06 pm - Iliketypinglikethisdontyou?

wow, man, that last entry was a dense little paragraph all on cleaning. 

Okay, so the other thing is.......oh I can't remember. Poot.  Sleepformethen. Goodnight.

6/16/07 10:58 pm - splish splash

About half or two-fifths or so of my cleaning was done(by me).  Now, tomorrow morning (whenever my body decides that is), I'm bringing books I don't need down to the garage to keep until I move.  Next, I'm putting the laundry I left in the laundryroom (against the rules, but no one follows 'em) in the machine before anyone else gets a chance to steal it.  Next, I'm taking a shower while that goes, then getting dressed and starting the dryer and the next load (hoping no one has stolen it yet, and I've got quarters).  Then finish dishes, then dry and put them away, collect any loose paperwork, put excess boxes somewhere discrete, make a finale onceove of my bedroom floor before emptying out the dust from the vacuum and vacuuming everything.  Finally, I'll give the bathroom the most thorough cleaning it's had since I've been there, also picking up all the stuff from the counter around the sink.  lalala, yeah, I don't really have a choice about it, you realize.  Of course, I get a deduction on anything I'd have to pay in deposit based on having lived here a year, but I want to make sure that deduction is subtracted from the smallest possible amount (hopefully zero, in which case it's a moot point).

6/16/07 04:41 pm - List

Someone told me to start making lists of things to do and then do them all without hesitation.  That would make my life easier, less thinking about all the things hanging over my head.

So here's a simple list:

Cleaning my house.

1. Put all dirty clothes in one or more hampers/bags.  Set in one spot together until laundry machines are vacant for my own use.
2. Do the dishes.
3. Clean the counters.
4. Sweep the floor.
5. Mop the floor.
6. Take out the trash.
7. Take out any recycling.
8. Empy the vacuum.
9. Vacuum the bedroom and livingroom rugs.
10. Clean the bathroom.

I'll see how far I get before I get lazy (or don't).
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